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Unemployed To Self-employed

Unemployed to

How To Go From Unemployed to Self-Employed

From the desk of John Anthony Goliath, Mitchells Plain, Western Cape
July 2009 – Updated March 2011

How to go from Unemployed To Self-Employed was written specifically for the South African market.

How do you go from being Unemployed to Self-Employed?

“Unemployment can be the beginning of a new chapter in your life”.

That’s right it can be the beginning of a new chapter in your life or it can be the end of a chapter in your life depending how you look at it. A very well known motivational speaker wrote;

“Learn to see your stresses and struggles as challenges and opportunities, not liabilities and handicaps”.

Many times when we are faced with a problem, we ask why is this happening? What we should ask in fact is, what can I learn from this situation, where is the opportunity in this situation?

It is only when you decide to turn the negative situation into a positive one that you will start to get new ideas because ideas start with your thoughts. You need to realize you are 100% in control of your own thoughts, when negative thoughts creep into your mind, cancel them by thinking positive thoughts, for example if you think you can’t, cancel it and think, I can.

When you start to think positive thoughts, you will get positive ideas, positive ideas lead to positive action, and positive action lead to positive results.

Thoughts come and go into our minds every day, and sometimes we dismiss those thoughts as being insignificant. But sometimes those very thoughts hold the key to solving many of our problems. You will find if you act on those thoughts they lead to great things and will enrich your life in a way that you never imagined.

Many books have been written about men and women from all walks of life, who overcame many obstacles, started businesses that reached great successes. Helen Keller was born deaf and blind yet she became a famous writer and lecturer.
It does not matter what age you are, what your financial situation is like, your education whether you have a degree or not, what you physical status is like you can turn your situation around to achieve great success, doing whatever your heart’s desires are.

Napoleon Hill wrote, “Whatever the human mind can dream and believe, it can achieve”.

So you are unemployed, now what! Well start to think self- reliant, self employment, maybe you have never thought of being self-employed of owning your own business, well my friend the time is NOW! Now is as good a time as any other time, there are mechanisms in place, sponsored by government to assist unemployed people to become entrepreneurs. Now is the time to go from unemployed to self-employed.

I’ve written Unemployed to Self-Employed after being unemployed for a very long time. Since 1998, I have only been doing contract and casual work, I just could not get a permanent stable job, I took whatever I could get. I figured since I am struggling to find a job there must be thousands of other people in the same situation as well. This eBook is about information of how to become self-employed. In 2002 I bought my first computer and started to learn Internet Marketing. Everything I learned was by trial and error, but I was passionate about Internet Marketing and persevered.

I knew the Internet was a global opportunity for everybody to earn a very good income. On the Internet the plain fields are levelled and everybody is equal. There was no discrimination about age, gender or geographical preferences like the advertisements in the Career Times. All that was needed was a burning desire to succeed, to work hard, work smart and be committed.

After being online for 8 years doing Affiliate Marketing trying and testing many programmes. In the process I’ve lost a lot of money by following the programmes only to find out the information in the eBook is not according to what the website portrayed and totally misleading.

The very impressive snapshots of other marketers’ ClickBank accounts might or might not be real, but please bear in mind it takes many hours of learning, experience and skill to earn the big bucks.

It does not happen overnight like some websites would have you believe. It takes a combination of various marketing methods to reach the 5 and 6 figure incomes.

This eBook will give you the necessary information where to start. How to formulate your business plan, where to apply for finance, where to get support with setting up your business and mentoring you to ensure that you run a good and viable business.

On this website you will not be shown snapshots of Clickbank accounts or payment processor accounts, claiming you can also make so much money by just working 10 hours per week, if you buy this system or this book, and after you buy the eBook you never hear from the site owner or company again, your emails for assistance or enquiries do not get answered.
I know this from experience, after buying many eBooks and marketing systems that do not work how it’s supposed to work, or rather how the publisher said it would work.

No, Not at all! This website is about an eBook that contains information only of how unemployed people can become self-employed. No False promises, No Guarantees of earnings, fancy pictures of Yachts, Mansions and Ferraris.

The cost of this book is very little in comparison to what you stand to loose by signing up with the wrong programmes and buying eBooks that make claims that amount to nothing. In 2006, I received an email from a fellow marketer about a website called MoreThanTraffic.com that offered an affiliate program and to deliver traffic to the affiliate site for $169. They promised a very good commission in about 4 months’ time. It turned out to be a scam, we lost our $169 and so did a lot of other marketers. If you “Google” MorethanTraffic.com you will still find the comments of other marketers who lost their money.

You and I both know the Internet is full of unscrupulous scam artists who claim to be the solution and saviour to your problems; they play on people’s emotions by saying all the right things, telling you how they went from having nothing to now earning thousands, millions, living the grand life by following this and that foolproof system.

Yes there are many marketers who went from having nothing to now living a good comfortable life by making a success of their Internet businesses. Those are the marketers that you need to align yourself with, the type of marketers that will give you the guidelines and support to grow your business to the level that you earn a good income and become financially independent.

When you start an Internet business, support is very, very important because if you are left on your own, you will definitely struggle to make a success of your business. That’s why so many other marketers have quitted because they struggle, have no support system, and eventually quit in frustration.

The kind of information that you will receive in this eBook, contain 2 parts.

Part 1: How To Start An Offline Business.

In the event that you are not sure what type of business to go into then you will be directed to information to legitimate business opportunities that has been researched, checked and verified. Not only that, but all the opportunities are outlined in a blueprint including all contacts necessary to commence business operations. This will also strengthen your application for obtaining finance.

Part 2: How To Start An Online Business.

This part explains how to start an online business from scratch, whether you prefer Affiliate Marketing or setting up your own digital products.
How to align yourself with reputable affiliate companies. You will also be cautioned as to which types of websites to avoid and why.

What it all boils down to is that you alone will determine your income, nobody else. You hold the key to your success! This eBook will only give you the guidelines but you have to apply the guidelines by doing.

In the event that you find it too difficult to obtain finance or it just seems to take forever to get the necessary finance, then I have some information for you to allow you start on a smaller scale but you will still be able to start your business. Of course it will take a little bit longer for you to see some income but at least you will be operational. This information is about an online business.

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Please bear in mind since Unemployed to Self-Employed is an eBook about information only, when you are directed to undertake certain tasks to set up your business there will be other costs involved. This eBook will thus ensure that you align yourself with legitimate, viable business opportunities and companies.

“Unemployed to Self-Employed” is priced at: R27

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